Tips for shopping at Primark

Tips for shopping at Primark

Primark always has a reduced items section

Despite full price stock costing less than most other high street stores’ reduced items, pretty much every Primark also has a reduced section throughout the year.

A lot of the time you’ll find the clothes have been reduced by half or more of their original price, making them a ridiculous level of the bargain.

But the size of the rail varies depending on what they’re trying to get shot of – and normally they’re getting shot of it for a reason.

Primark bags aren’t waterproof

It’s a move we’re 100% behind we’re all for going plastic-free, but plan ahead if you’re heading to Primark on a rainy day and bring your own bag (BYOB).

You’ll save yourself the 5p charge, and make it home without the entire contents spilling onto the puddle-ridden pavement.

Trying on clothes is a must


You wouldn’t buy something from another store without trying it on, so why would you do it in Primark?

Okay, so the changing rooms might seem like the pits of hell when there are 50 million people in the queue, but trust us, it’s worth it!

That is unless you fancy going home, realizing nothing actually fits and then having to wait in a returns and exchanges queue that’s five times as long as the one for the changing room.

If you feel like beating the large waiting room queues then be super savvy and wear something thin like a vest top and leggings.

This way you can try clothes on the shop floor without making a scene, but still get a good idea of how well they fit (because the thin clothes shouldn’t make a huge difference).

You can buy Primark stuff online – but not from Primark

You can view a lot of what they have on Primark’s website, but there’s no shopping cart option available. According to Primark’s Chief of Finance, this is because online “doesn’t work at the lower price point”.

However, it is possible to buy Primark stock on Amazon, so it’s always worth having a scout there.

ALWAYS keep your receipt

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given how ‘no frills’ the Primark experience is, you absolutely have to keep hold of your receipt if you want to get any kind of a refund.

Even if the product is still in its original condition, with all the tags attached, and you only bought it the day before, Primark will not let you return an item without the original receipt (or gift receipt).

Always ask for the receipt and keep it somewhere safe.

There will be queues in Primark. You will be impatient.

The majority of the time the queues do look longer and scarier than they really are, and the cashiers are pros at dealing with the hoards. So have faith, you’re in capable hands.

However, if you’re keen to get out ASAP, the queues in the men’s and children’s departments are usually shorter.

Check the queues there first, and hope that the rest of the shop hasn’t had the same idea!

Another option is to shop first thing in the morning to avoid the long wait.

You also get the added bonus of getting to see all the neatly folded piles of t-shirts, before the masses appear and it becomes a scene-for-scene remake of Dunkirk.

Be prepared for the mess

As you and everyone else around you will be doing equal amounts of rummaging, the place is likely to look a complete shambles (particularly later in the day).

With the massive waves of people going in and out of the store rummaging like maniacs and throwing cast-offs to the wayside, it’s unsurprising that sometimes it all merges into a big pile of mush.

Don’t be put off though – treat it like a clothing treasure hunt. Or, better still, help to solve the problem by folding up your own cast-offs – no shop assistant enjoys dealing with this carnage!


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