Simple ways to save money on a night out

night out

Have pre-drinks

If you’re going to go out drinking, it makes sense to start your night at home. The theory here is that you won’t need to buy as many drinks while you’re out, which can often be five or even six times the price.

You probably know by now that it’s much cheaper to buy supermarket own-brand products, and you won’t even notice the difference between these and well-known brands (apart from the price).

A 700ml bottle of Smirnoff will set you back around £15, but an equivalent bottle of Tesco’s own-brand vodka will only cost you a tenner! No-brainer, really, especially if you’re mixing it with something else anyway.

Stock up on carbs in advance

Hands up if you’re guilty of the drunken munchies? Buying that kebab after a night out might seem like a good idea at the time, but your bank account won’t thank you for it (and neither will your toilet stomach the morning after).

Before hitting the tiles, make sure you eat a proper meal, preferably packed with carbs, so you don’t need to pig out on expensive takeaway food later. It’s always a bad idea to drink on an empty stomach anyway, so eat up!

Hit the club early

We know we mentioned pre-drinking earlier but bear with us on this one.

Sometimes, getting to your destination early can have all sorts of wondrous benefits – most of all, escaping extortionate entry fees and dodging queues in the freezing cold. And you get to say it was your sick moves that started the party, yo.

Entry prices tend to go up at around 11 pm and many clubs offer free or reduced entry before that time.

Act like a celeb

If you don’t fancy getting there early, try and get yourself on the guest list.

Have a look at the Facebook page or Twitter account of the club organisers and try buttering them up with a DM telling them how much you love their nights, and that you’re hoping to bring a crew of friends down (i.e. promise of a busy dance floor and more cash in their pockets in the long-run).

Set a party budget

The word ‘budget’ has kinda gross connotations these days (no thanks to the man above). But it really is a good idea to set a limit on how much you’re going to spend that night and stick to it (sorry for sounding like your parents here).

A good option to try is taking out a prepaid card with you, topped up with your spending money on it. Nowadays, these cards come with an app that will remind you throughout the night how much you’ve spent at the bar and how close you are to hitting your maximum (and so when it’s time to hit the road



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