How To Start A AdSense Business

Google Adsense
How To Start A AdSense Business

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense allows people and businesses to display Google advertisements on their websites. Website owners earn money from clicks on those ads.

Businesses of all sizes and in places around the world buy Google ads, and Google places targeted ads on participants’ websites.

Website owners can also place Google search boxes on their web pages. When visitors use the search box, Google can more accurately place ads based on visitor search terms.

Google’s proprietary algorithm interprets site content so that irrelevant ads are not used, and only the ads most likely to generate revenue are placed on a given website.

Before posting an ad on a third-party site, Google reviews it with language filters and professional reviewers to prevent accidentally placing inappropriate ad content on websites.

They also make sure that Ads they place on websites conform to professional, editorial and ethical guidelines.

How Do People Use AdSense to Generate Income?

A small minority of website owners achieve quick and impressive traffic levels and “go viral.”

The more people who visit a site, the more likely the website owner is to get clicks on Google ads and build up AdSense income.

Most people are not fortunate enough to achieve huge traffic levels overnight, and so they use a different strategy.

Website owners who want to build an AdSense empire start out by buying several domain names and hosting services for them.

They then build sites and place AdSense ads on them.

These website owners then have to wait two months before even seeing a penny: one month earning AdSense revenue and then another month waiting for a check (Google pays out one month later).

The next step is reinvesting part of the AdSense earnings into buying more domain names, which helps them earn more AdSense money.

Keyword research is critical.

Keyword research is the cornerstone of success in targeting search engine traffic, and if your keywords aren’t selected properly, in the beginning, all of your other efforts in site building, backlinking, etc. will go to waste.

Rather than targeting the really profitable keywords to start, focus on the keywords that have fewer searches…the long tail phrases.

You’ll have a higher chance for success early and you can piggyback on that success to go after more aggressive niches.

Domain name and copyright considerations
First I’d like to start with the domain.

You may want to consider whether or not there might be a copyright issue down the line with the domain name you choose.

People can be difficult. If your site becomes popular they may demand the domain name and it might be costly to defend against the demand.

Always research the domain name before settling on it.

It’s not necessary to choose a domain name with keywords in it. Memorable and relatively short is great. A domain that communicates what’s in it for the site visitor is even greater!

Responsive Design
A great looking website is essential. I also recommend making sure it works well in mobile devices, including phones and tablets.

Currently, roughly over 50% of Internet traffic is on mobile devices.

I was just at Google’s Manhattan offices for an AdSense event and they projected that mobile devices will constitute 78% of Internet access within three years (if my memory serves me).

I am moving my sites to what’s called a Responsive Design WordPress template by a company called SoloStream.

There are many other WordPress template sites designing good Responsive Design templates, but when you choose one I strongly recommend paying for a template.

They’re relatively inexpensive and will save you the heartache of using a free template that comes with the baggage of spammy links in the footer.

Pay for your template, it’s more than worth every cent of your investment.


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