Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S10: News, Rumors, Release Date, Specs, and More!

2019 is a promising year for Samsung Galaxy line.

Samsung’s Galaxy S phones always give us something exciting to look forward to at the beginning of each year, and 2019 officially marks the 10-year anniversary of when the first Galaxy S flagship was released

Similar to what Apple did with the iPhone X, we’re expecting the Galaxy S10 to be truly special. The Galaxy S9 and S8 were both excellent phones, but in honor of such a big anniversary, Samsung will likely pull out all the stops to release a truly special and jaw-dropping gadget.

The latest news Galaxy S10

November 20, 2018 — Samsung’s ten-year anniversary Galaxy S10 rumored to have six cameras and support 5G

If you’ve been following the Galaxy S10 rumor mill, you’ll know that we’ve been anticipating three different models — including the Beyond 1, Beyond 2, and Beyond 3.

Now, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s working on a fourth variant that’s codenamed as “Beyond X.”

While Beyond 1, 2 and 3 are expected to be released in February, Beyond X won’t come out until later in the spring.

It’ll be marketed as a special 10-year anniversary celebration of Samsung’s Galaxy S series, with two of the highlights being 5G connectivity and a total of six cameras (four on the back and two on the front).

This combo will reportedly allow for “richer photos and better spatial perception.” The screen will also be quite massive at 6.7-inches.

Should this turn out to be true, Samsung will have a very busy 2019. As of right now, its current lineup is set to include four variants of the Galaxy S10, the Note 10, and its upcoming foldable phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 to have an off-center notch for the selfie camera

During Samsung’s developer conference on November 7, one announcement that the company seemed to rush through was a new lineup of Infinity Displays that are coming to future smartphones.

In addition to the Infinity Flex panel, we were also introduced to Infinity-U, Infinity-V, and Infinity-O. According to a couple new leaks, the Galaxy S10 will ship with the Infinity-O style screen.

What exactly does that mean? While Infinity-U and Infinity-V are more traditional notched displays, Infinity-O has an off-center camera cutout near the left corner of the screen rather than a dip in the top middle.

Evan Blass recently confirmed that the S10 will ship with this kind of display, and shortly after that, Ice Universe shared the above picture on Twitter.

It’s unclear if the device in the photo is the S10 or a prototype showing off the Infinity-O display, but either way, it gives us an idea of how the front of the S10 will look.

Samsung Galaxy important details :

For the past four years, Samsung’s typically launched two models of its Galaxy S series:

  • 2015 — Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge+
  • 2016 — Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
  • 2017 — Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus
  • 2018 — Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

With the Galaxy S10 in 2019, Samsung has expected to shake-up its formula by releasing as many as four different models — codenamed Beyond 1, Beyond 2, Beyond 3, and Beyond X.

Rumored specs for it include a 6.7-inch display, a total of six cameras, and support for 5G data speeds.

When will the Galaxy S10 be released?

Perhaps the biggest question on your mind is “When will I be able to buy the Galaxy S10?”.

Save for the Galaxy S8 that was announced at its own special event, Samsung usually unveils its Galaxy S flagship phones during Mobile World Congress each year.

MWC 2019 is scheduled to take place between February 25 and 28 in Barcelona, and there’s a good chance that’s where we’ll get our first look at the S10.

To back up this thought, reliable leaker Ice Universe said on July 5 that the S10 will be unveiled at MWC — just a month before the Galaxy X.

On November 20, The Wall Street Journal also confirmed that Beyond 1, 2, and 3 will be revealed at some point in February.

Should Samsung decide to reveal the phone during MWC, that’d place it with a launch date of around early-March.

How much will the S10 cost?

When it comes to price, that’s where things could get interesting next year.

However, as noted above, the Galaxy S10 series will likely consist of three different phones.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a starting price of $720, and my guess is that the lowest-end Galaxy S10 will come in with a similar or slightly lower price of around $650-$700.

The mid-tier S10 will probably cost a bit less than the S9+ at $800-$820, whereas the highest-end variant may very well sell for $999.


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